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From TED talks, Keynotes, executive comms,, templates and must win pitches, we’ve worked with over 1,000 local and international projects to deliver custom presentations that cut through and make an impact.


We are able to offer fresh, creative PowerPoint and Prezi Presentations for every brand. Get clean, modern design that ranks among the top 10% of presentations.

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We’ve developed a 6 step process that guarantees to take raw content and transform it into a high impact, Tier 1 presentation. PDCo delivers polished presentations on time, every time

Many start-up founders make the common mistake of ignoring research. Many feel that research is too costly or that they already know their target markets and audience. However, working with professional researchers can provide you with an unbiased review of the target market and its actual state. This will not only help avoid incorrect assumptions but will supply you with important insights. When it’s time for pitching, this will make you sound way more professional.

So if you need help researching, contact our team with extensive markenting research expertise. We have the tools to conduct the research needed to fully understand your audience and market and handcraft a powerful pitch so you can get funding from investors. We can also review your research findings, presentation structure, and content and provide feedback on what to correct or improve based on your business-model.

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